Jamaica Plain, Mass.


Adam M. Hasler




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Selected Work Experience

Liberty Mutual,where I work to promote a design-thinking mindset in the development of high-end digital tools at a Fortune 500, century-old corporation.

  • Support tens of thousands of independent insurance agents as a design lead on their experience with the brand through two, separate branded portals and dozens of associated pages and tools.
  • Led the design effort on the Quantum platform, a suite of digital applications for the development of digital-first insurance products, including journeys, blueprints, and design system.
  • Mentor junior designers and engineers in design thinking and practice, favoring a human-centered approach for to product development.

September 2019 - Present

Boston, Mass.

Spofford Design,a software business I started to help small workshops and artisans.

  • Serve as founder and CEO, crafting vision and strategy from abstract ideas and research in order to grow and build a sustainable company.
  • Connect with designers, consumers, and manufacturers to understand frustrations and ambitions and align them into a holistic suite of useful digital products.
  • Singlehandedly craft the full technical stack of Spofford's flagship operations software aimed at improving efficiencies in small- to mid-sized studios and workshop.

September 2017 - Present

Cambridge and Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Ovation,where I applied design thinking to the entire experience that scientists have.

  • Designed several iterations of two products that help to solve wicked and intractable problems faced by those working in the life sciences, based on substantial design research and a human-centered design approach. I also coded a significant amount of the front end using the Ember framework.
  • Created a comprehensive marketing strategy from scratch centered around the Hubspot platform. As a part of this effort, I designed and built two iterations of the company website, launched a blog and wrote all of the content, produced professional quality marketing videos, created original interactive animations, and provided all the graphic design work (including complete written and visual style guides).
  • Enabled and assisted the Chief Commercial Officer in an effort to create a frictionless and enjoyable sales and onboarding experience for new clients, providing in 2 months what the rest of the industry takes upwards of a year to accomplish.
  • Facilitated and led company-wide strategy and design thinking workshops, in which we identified goals and important metrics. Created and maintained a product roadmap linked to those metrics and allowing the company to base product decisions on the interplay between impact and effort.

September 2015 - July 2017

Cambridge, Mass.

Subforum,in which I worked closely with other design leaders from the Boston area to facilitate design research on high level concepts.

  • Developed a social media strategy for the group that communicated the brand and the consortium's priorities, as well as establishing thought leadership. Wrote all of the social media content across several platforms.
  • Designed and created a new website for the consortium to support the various topic areas of the group.
  • Led operations and experience design for an all day workshop on the future of work.
  • Founded a new topic area focusing on design's impact on social and political change, and led a four month literature review to communicate the current discourse on the subject.

September 2015 - December 2016

Cambridge, Mass.

GoodWorld,where I went from remote advisor to onsite jack-of-all-trades to remote product manager and user experience designer.

  • Developed an ambitious strategic product vision with the cofounders and translated it into a feasible product road map.
  • Implemented an agile development framework for the company's development team split into weekly sprints that delivered on the product roadmap.
  • Designed new dashboards and sign up flows with wireframes.
  • Identified key metrics by which to measure growth and success.

January 2015 - June 2015

Washington, D.C. and Boston, Mass.

Big Studio,for whom I work as a full-stack developer even though it says user experience designer on my card.

  • Delivered an application as the sole developer over 5 months, responding directly to requests from the client.
  • Deployed a new company website in Wordpress, switching our host to Amazon Web Services, moving assets to the cloud, and enabling command line deployment instead of FTP.
  • Provided a full heuristic review of an existing application, providing usability feedback and suggestions for improvements to the user experience.

June 2014 - Dec. 2014

Boston, Mass.

Edtrips.com.Titularly its Head of Product, I worked as product manager, UX/UI designer, and front-end developer.

  • Grew a very early-stage startup as its first employee by designing and building a new application from scratch according to the organization's goals. Adapted to frequent change in company focus and new user profiles as the company evolved in its mission.
  • Developed a standard implementation of Ruby on Rails with a specialization in front-end user interface and interaction, and including data modeling and Ajax. Leveraged various existing libraries and Stripe's payment API to create a scalable and functional application.
  • Quickly designed low-resolution prototypes to test and demonstrated user experience for features and tasks on the product roadmap. Wrote detailed specifications for designs for formulating user stories in the development schedule. Conducted frequent intensive user testing.
  • Developed and implemented a funnel for translating long term goals into a product roadmap. Managed ideas and feedback and assessed new features based on predicted effort and impact. Worked with the CTO to create a development schedule to execute on plans and designs.

April 2013 - April 2014

Boston, Mass. and Providence, RI

Startup Institute,where I studied in the product and design track.

  • Advanced through a highly selective application process for a program for startup professionals started by TechStars. Created various prototypes for products with top-tier instructors to demonstrate competency in the experience and interface for and testing of users.
  • Designed and programmed a fully functional micro-site for Boston startup myEnergy to add value to their existing site and take advantage of the federally sponsored Green Button Initiative.

November - December 2012

Boston, Mass.

Independent Researcher, Writer, and Editor. I employed myself through freelance endeavors.

May 2008 - March 2014

Cambridge, Mass.

Innovations: Technology | Governance | Globalization, and academic journal for which I served as associate editor and senior researcher.

  • Developed entire case studies written as first person narrative or argument by innovators in the field of social entrepreneurship through research, interview, writing, and editing under short time constraints and with little editorial oversight.
  • Coauthored and edited articles and issue papers on transformative development initiatives for Innovations and other partner organizations' publications.
  • Collaborated with the journal's founders and other editors on strategy for transforming the Innovations business model to expand beyond the academic journal.
  • Designed the journal's page layout in QuarkXPress and provided the finished files to the publisher.

May 2008 - November 2012

Washington, D.C. & Boston, Mass.

Estado Lateral Media Lab, a digital art studio and producers of technologically-driven creative work. I apprenticed there.

  • Designed and built interactive systems for installation and performance at Argentina's top media lab.
  • Completed a self-directed, three-month apprenticeship, and at the end of which produced a guide in Spanish on the design and function of microcontroller circuits for interactivity.

December 2009 - July 2010

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Modern Times Coffeehouse at Politics & Prose. I founded and co-owned this establishment.

  • Led a team of partners that acquired and rehabilitated an existing coffeehouse, taking special responsibility for business and financial operations.
  • Transformed an unprofitable business into a success by increasing average daily revenue by 30% within 6 months, and settling $19,000 of debt in the same period.
  • Improved operations through design and remodel of service and workspaces, increasing productivity 300% from $.80/square foot to $2.40/square foot.

March 2006 - August 2009

Washington, D.C.

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